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The First Day of Health & Wellness

Here we go!!!

On the First day of Christmas my true love gave to me...🎶 Dry skin, a few new wrinkles, irregularity and improper nutrient absorption!!! ;)

Catchy, isn't it.

How much water are you drinking each day?

Again... this is something I just want you think about.

Go through today, tomorrow and the next day and just try and be conscious of how much water you're drinking.

Remember, caffeine is dehydrating -- but delicious! ;) So if you must have 6 cups of coffee a day to *human* then you may need to look at other ways to get the amount of water your body needs... like eating your fruits and veg or having herbal tea or decaf options. Maybe break out the sparkling water with a fruit or herb/cucumber infusion. Whatever works! Just drink more water!! ;)

Alcohol can also dehydrating. So as you're enjoying a festive bevie or several... try and have a glass of water or sparkling water in between each drink. (There's also lots of sugar in some of those drinks too... but I'll come back to that in another post.)

Water not only provides hydration and aids our digestion it also helps vitamins and minerals make their way to all the places in our bodies that they need to go.

How does your daily water consumption compare to this calculation:

30 ml of water per kg of bodyweight.

So for me the calculation looks like this: .030 x 75 = 2.25 litres of water per day. (Don't hurt your head with the maths... I weigh 165lbs. 😉) ***I totally used Google to convert my lbs to kgs then I cracked out the calculator on my phone to do the rest.

I aim for 2 litres of water each day which is two of my water bottles per day and the rest I need comes from food. I'm used to it now and I barely think about it. I do have my off days though where I don't meet my quota. That's life... sh!t happens. I just try harder the next day.

So, again... let's think on this first.

Maybe you're on track with your water consumption. But, if you're lacking we can actively try to make a change together in the New Year ❤ However if you want to start drinking more water now, by all means do so. 😊

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post... 🎉🎉🎉 😉🤣

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