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World Cancer Day can't pour from an empty cup.

What inspires you to workout?

To keep trying to eat healthy?

Today is world cancer day. I realize it's a day of awareness but it also almost seems like a celebration. For that reason I have a bit of trouble with this day. Anyways... in honour of this day :/ ...why am I honouring this day? Commemorate? Spotlight? Begrudgingly pay notice...? Maybe that's it. I begrudgingly pay notice to this day by remembering (as if I ever forget) that cancer once paid a visit to my life and though I'm clear of it for 6 years now, I'm still being treated to suppress its potential return. Plus... my mother died from it. So many have died from it. Cancer does not discriminate. Old, young, pious, pure, morally incomprehensible or... vegan. Cancer does not care.

My motivation, is to try my best to remain as strong as I can. As healthy as I can. I work hard to eat well, to drink all my water take my vitamins and get enough fibre... all so cancer can have a less hospitable place to try and dwell in the future.

You might think my message is cynical or negative sounding. You're wrong if you do. It's realistic. Simply because I've already "been there, done that." None of us are getting out alive... but we can do our best to live the best life we can. To follow all our dreams. Be kind to others and to above all, be kind to ourselves.

Motivation, self motivation, begins with a full cup. A wise woman once told me that you cannot pour from an empty cup. At the time, I had not heard that quote before. It made instant sense. You cannot share and motivate others if you are not fulfilled yourself. So, because self motivation for myself can sometimes (ok, often times) be difficult, especially when it comes to working out (and sitting down to write!! :/ ) I ask; what motivates you?

As I mentioned my motivation usually works it's way back around to not wanting cancer again; to thinking about what my mother went through and my father -- I often think about how, if they had just stuck with a few changes in their lives earlier on, like quitting smoking sooner, eating healthier or exercising more... they may still be here. I have a chance to learn from what possibly was their mistakes. With all that in mind, and a great team of motivating health professionals, I've started adding working out to my daily routine again. It feels good and that's what I need to remember. I feel better physically and mentally after working out. Everything seems brighter and more possible :)

Now to hold on to that and keep going!

Share with me what motivates you?

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