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I'm Tara Shannon!

Creator of Rabbit & Bear (and other things)

My childhood nickname "Bear", took on a new identity 4 years ago when I sat down to draw, and write as a way to calm myself and process my feelings. My sketches turned into powerful, tender moments of conversation and reflection mainly between the two illustrated characters, Rabbit & Bear.


Rabbit and Bear were, and continue to be, my outlet for years of thoughts, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, a cancer diagnosis... magic and wonder.


At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, and to my surprise, one of my sketches went viral on social media. That *moment* has since grown into an entire community of Rabbit & Bear readers and fans around the world. And, I couldn't be more grateful.

Learn more about me.

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Rabbit & Bear Return with the Light

in softcover!


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