Hello, Welcome to Tara Shannon Writes

I'm Tara Shannon - a foodie, lover of wine, writer, mental health advocate & a Thyroid cancer Survivor! And the creator of Rabbit & Bear.

I live in the middle of nowhere Ontario where my closest neighbors are buffalo. No, really!

Surrounded by my family, both furry and non-furry :) I live out my days testing recipes and trying my hardest to build a career out of what I love to do.

One thing my cancer diagnosis taught me was that I need to follow my dreams. It was a hard lesson learned. During my diagnosis I lost my job and both of my parents. Whether I wanted to or not -- life changed big time and my choices were either to sink or to swim. I chose to swim. It's not always easy, but here I am. Making my way -- my way!

My writing:

Not Cancelled: Canadian Kindness in the Face of COVID-19, available through Indigo, Amazon and Kobo

Rabbit & Bear Make a Wish, COMING SOON and available for Pre-Order now via Indigo

LIVE Small Town Magazine

Heart of Turtle Island: The Niagara Escarpment by Photographer Mark Zelinski


My Credentials:

Combined Degree from Western University in History & English

Professional Cook -- The Dublin Cookery School, Dublin, Ireland

First day back to training where I didn'
Tara Shannon

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