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The Third Day of Health & Wellness

On the 3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me... sunshine, happiness and strong bones ;)

Are you getting all your vitamins? Paying special attention to Vitamin D, the B's and Calcium?

Investing in a good Multivitamin that you take daily can really help with lots of things. As women...as we age... our hormones change. Certain vitamins and minerals can help ease some of the symptoms that go along with our monthly cycle or the transition into menopause. Look for your Multivitamin to not only have D, the B's and Calcium but also Magnesium, Selenium, Iron, Folic Acid etc. Each of these has been shown to assist our bodies to work better and also our minds.

Consider singling out vitamin D and the B vitamins and taking a separate pill or drop so that your body gets a bit extra - especially as we move into that darker half of the year! They can really help with those winter blahs. Talk to your doctor about this if you like. In my experience it has made a world of difference to my mood and overall feeling of health.

Vitamin D

"Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps your body absorb calcium. Calcium and vitamin D work together to help you maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps your muscles, nerves and immune system work properly. Recent research has shown that vitamin D may be linked to lowering the risk of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and some cancers."


***consider taking Caltrate which combines Calcium and Vitamin D... remember they work best together. Or D-drops. My Dietitian and Nutritionist recommended that all Canadians take 2000 IU daily! However you do what works for you and what your health team recommends.


"Your body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium. Calcium keeps your bones and muscles-including your heart-healthy and strong.

People who do not get enough calcium and vitamin D throughout life have an increased chance of having thin and brittle bones (osteoporosis) in their later years. Thin and brittle bones break easily and can lead to serious injuries. This is why it is important for you to get enough calcium and vitamin D as a child and as an adult. It helps keep your bones strong as you get older and protects against possible breaks.

Your body also uses vitamin D to help your muscles absorb calcium and work well. If your muscles don't get enough calcium, then they can cramp, hurt, or feel weak. You may have long-term (chronic) muscle aches and pains. Getting enough vitamin D helps prevent these problems."


B Vitamins

"Thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, folate, B6 and B12. These are some of the important B-vitamins that work to make red blood cells, form your genetic blueprint, keep your nervous system healthy and even help your body use energy from food. You can get all of your B-vitamins by eating a variety of foods from Canada’s Food Guide. B-vitamins are found in all four food groups."



Haldimand, ON: Cancer Survivor Launches 

Kickstarter Campaign 

-- and she needs your help!


This already warmly received series of lovely sketches and thoughtful text about a 

curious rabbit who asks simple questions and receives meaningful answers has launched on Kickstarter! 


"There is something so captivating and raw in the simplicity of your drawings, a dream-like quality. The words you choose to 

accompany said drawings are perfect! I see this as a book I’d love to read my children." - A. Purdham, Canada Writes


"This is not a children’s book. This is an Everyone Book. Put that line into your pitches. I will buy several. Looking forward..." 

- Sharon McMullan-Baron, Canada Writes 


Tara plans to raise enough funds to publish a children's book, that's really not just for kids, it's for everyone. The idea for the book came to 

Tara one day, born from her experiences with cancer, the loss of her parents, miscarriage and her ongoing battle with mental illness. Her 

drawings and writing quickly built a following through Canada Writes, a writing group on Facebook (sponsored by CBC Books). She never 

would have thought or dreamed of herself as an illustrator - or that she would launch a campaign on Kickstarter, but here she is, eager to see where life will lead her next! 


Tara Shannon is a freelance writer and an aspiring author with a degree in English and History from Brescia College at Western University. She was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario but now splits her time between her home in Haldimand County and her cottage on 

Manitoulin Island(and Ireland, as much as she can!!) 


The Book of Rabbit is dedicated to all of those that Tara has loved and lost, including Rhylan, the inspiration for Rabbit.


Helping Tara on her journey is professional illustrator, P.A. LewisMacDougal. Pat Ann has, for over a decade, applied her skills in the 

Story Arts as a Freelancer. From illustrating in the children's publishing industry to story boarding for children's animated television and 

everything in between. Pat Ann will assist Tara in making Rabbit come to life on the page, creating a book that will surely become a classic and must have addition toanyone's bookshelf. https://www.pat-ann.com


For more information on Tara Shannon or to donate to her Kickstarter Campaign please visit:


Instagram & Facebook: @tarashannonwrites 


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