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Do YOU Believe in Magic?

A great BIG thank you to every single one of you who has donated and shared this Kickstarter Campaign. It means the world to me.

There's still time left and who knows, it could happen! So, keep sharing and keep believing. Magic can and will happen!! That's one thing I've learned in my journey, and Rabbit is learning this too -- there is always hope and there is almost always a way and always, always, ALWAYS, there is magic (we just need to look). I've faced great obstacles before. I've battled cancer and suffered losses that brought me to my knees. But... I still got up and carried on. The pursuit of hope and the knowledge that something good will happen has pushed me forward each day (sometimes hour by hour; minute by minute; one breath to the next).

The Book of Rabbit will happen.

I know it. Just like I know that whatever it is that each and every one of you is hoping for (whether you've said it out loud or not) will happen too.

Tara <3

The Book of Rabbit, via @Kickstarter

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