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Crunch Time for Rabbit!

It's time to dig in and get this project fully funded and ready to go come September 25th!!!

I'm so excited that we've hit the under 30 day mark for this campaign!

A friend of mine who hosts a great weekly podcast called, The Nancy Duffy Show, suggested I do videos showing me drawing Rabbit. Nancy also suggested I write about what influenced my work. This one's easy -Fall! (Watch the video here:

Fall is almost here. It's my favourite time of year. I know many find it sad to see the summer season come to an end. It signals back to school, back to routine and back to cold weather -- BUT! I love it when the air gets cooler and the leaves change colour. Call me weird but I think all of that is wonderful. It's exciting and I can sense a kind of magical change in the air when fall hits. And, right now, with the little bit of chill that has hit the air in my part of the world, I'm really finding a sense of excitement building.

Fall also reminds me of how my life has changed and how lucky and grateful I am to be here. Like trees in autumn, I had to let go of what was weighing me down. I had to find what gave my life colour and I had to take time to rest and regroup. It took time. Much more time than the few months it takes to shift from fall, winter and spring. I went into deep hibernation. When I began to emerge into the new season of my life, I was brand new. It's not easy to let go. Believe me there were many things I didn't want to let go of... my parents mainly and the idea of the person I was before the cancer. What I found; I still had memories of my parents and the lessons they taught me and I was also still me. Just, I think, a better version. At the very least a stronger more resilient version of me. I now know what I want, much more confidently than I did before (and equally what I don't want) and I'm going after it. Rabbit is a very big part of that.

Speaking of Rabbit...

It's crunch time for Rabbit! Can you feel it?! Maybe it's just me, lol. Rabbit is my baby of course but I'm more than certain that each of you, my treasured backers, feels a bit of excitement too.

If I haven't mentioned it before, here it is again -- this project and your help with it, means the world to me. xo ~ Tara

P.S. ***I'll be sending out another Press Release on September 10th, after the rush of *Back to School* and a return to *Routine* has had a chance to once again settle into our lives. The Book of Rabbit, via @Kickstarter

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