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Cancer Survivor Launches Kickstarter Campaign!Cancer Survivor Launches Kickstarter Campaign!

The Book of Rabbit Launches TODAY! It's the jump that author and illustrator, Tara Shannon has to take. And... she needs your help. Tara plans to raise enough funds to publish a children's book, that's really not just for kids, through Kickstarter. The idea for the book... it just came to Tara one day, born from her experience with cancer, the loss of her parents, miscarriage and her ongoing battle with mental illness. Her drawings and writing quickly built a following through Canada Writes, a writing group on Facebook (sponsored by CBC Books). She never would have thought or dreamed of herself as an illustrator -- or about to launch a campaign on Kickstarter, but here she is, eager to see where life will lead her next! We hope you'll join her by donating and/or sharing her campaign! It goes live TODAY! -- July 30th at noon. Follow this link when the campaign is live (today at 12pm EDT) to find more details, images and videos: ***Tara Shannon is a freelance writer. She was born and raised in Burlington, Ontario but now splits her time between her home in Haldimand County and her cottage on Manitoulin Island (and Ireland, as much as she can!!) Thank you!

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